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SPRINKLERS: Sprinklers are the best way to fight the fire at initial stage, as it detects as well as extinguishes the fire, thus helping in further spreading of the fire. They are always connected to wet riser. When the sprinkler senses the hot gases from fire, each sprinkler head will open and spray water on to a fire. Only the sprinklers over the fire open. The others remain closed. This limits any damage to areas where there is no fire and reduces the amount of water needed. The flow is calculated so that there is always enough to control a fire taking into account the size and construction of the building .Sprinkler heads can be placed in enclosed roof spaces and into floor ducts to protect areas where a fire can start without being

Various types of sprinkler


Type of Fire                                            

Water Extinguisher (Class A Fires): Water Extinguishers are most commonly used for class A fires and is quite effective as one would imagine. Water has a great effect on cooling the fuel surfaces and thereby reducing the paralyses rate of the fuel. Foam Extinguisher (Class A and B Fires): These are mainly water based, with a foaming agent so that the foam can float on top of the burning liquid and break the interaction between the flames and the fuel surface.

Dry Chemical Extinguisher (For Type E And C Fires): BC powder is either sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate , finely powdered and propelled by carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Similarly to almost all extinguishing agents the powders act as thermal ballast making the flames too cool for the chemical reactions to continue. Wet Chemical Extinguisher (For Class F and A Fires): Gold in color, it has a liquid alkaline extinguishing agent, and is specifically designed for use in kitchens on deep fryer fires involving fat and cooking oil. These extinguishers must never be used on fires involving live electrical equipment.C02 Extinguisher (Class B, & C, E): CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fire Extinguishers are suitable for class B risks involving flammable liquids and for electrical hazards.


HOSE REELS AND HYDRANTS: ADP Fire Systems supplies and installs Fire Hose Reels which are designed to fight against a combat potential of fire. Usually the length of the hose varies between 20mtrs-30mtrs.  The control valve at the end of the hose reel enables the operator to control the flow direction of the water. Automatic Hose Reels are also available where in the shut-off valve at the end of the hose opens up automatically after certain number of revolution upon pulling the hose reel unit. We also provide Hose Cabinets as per the customer’s requirement.






SINGLE HOSE BOX - Wall  mounting  type  in 600mm  X 400mm X 250mm) size to  accommodate 1 lengths  of  7.5 mtr. or 15 mtr. or 30 mtr. hoses and a branch pipe with glass covered single door with lock and key arrangements. 

DOUBLE HOSE BOX - Wall mounting type in 750mm X 600mm X 250mm size to accommodate 2 lengths of 7.5 mtr. or 15 mtr. Hoses and a branch pipe with glass covered double door with lock and key arrangements

HOSE REEL DRUM- swinging wall mounting type made of mild steel sheet to accommodate 30mtr or 36.5mr of 19mm  dia  Rubber Hose  with   nozzle along with suitable  bracket for fixing on the wall. Nozzle – ABS or Gunmetal or Aluminum

RUBBER HOSE FOR HOSE REEL DRUM – Made of natural / synthetic rubber with plain or corrugated finish as per IS:444 with ISI Mark (Type 1: WP-6 Kgf/cm, Type 2: WP-10 Kgf/cm)

AIR RELEASE VALVE - GM 25mm Male threaded air release valve.

FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS: Fire Alarm System plays a very important role in detection of fire. ensuring prompt evacuation The Fire Alarm Control Panel is connected to a series of devices like smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, hooters, pill box, etc. which helps to detect fire and warn people well in advance to take the required action

 Fire Alarm Control Panel


There are two types of control panels


Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems:




Many devices can be connected to this type of panel and hence its can covers a large area.


Conventional Fire Alarm System:


For small areas conventional types of fire alarm systems are used and in case of larger areas repeaters are used.


    Smoke Detectors/ Heat Detectors

These detectors are integrated with the fire alarm panel and in case of fire when detected due to heat/smoke, it issues an audible alarm there by alerting people to the danger of fire. Smoke detectors are much more sensitive then heat detectors and   hence preferable.


     Hooter/Pill Box

Are provided on every floor in the building. When a fire occurs on a particular floor, the occupant breaks the glass of the Pill Box thus causing the Hooter to give a loud audible alarm. This alarm will also be reflected on the Main Control panel indicating its position, i.e; the floor at which the fire has started.




                   MANUAL CALL POINT                  AUDIO VISUAL STROBES / ALARMS              FIRE BELL WITH BREAK GLASS    

WET ALARM VALVE - Wet Water Sprinkler System suitable for operating temperatures from 4°C to 70°C. Can be installed inside building with good water supply. Suitable for high-rise buildings, public places, storerooms, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, offices etc.


DRY ALARM VALVE - is a key component of a Dry Water sprinkler System. The pipe is usually filled with compressed air and Nitrogen. Operating temperature is below 0°C or higher than 7°C.


IONISATION SMOKE DETECTOR – Conventional type ionization smoke detector with mounting base. 

OPTICAL SMOKE DETECTOR – Conventional type optical smoke detector with mounting base.  

2 way Fire Brigade Inlet Cast Iron (C.I.) having 2 nos. of 63mm Male Inst. NRV Inlet with flange.

3 way Fire Brigade Inlet Cast Iron (C.I.) having 3 nos. 63mm Male Inst. NRV Inlet with flange.

4 way Fire Brigade Inlet Cast Iron (C.I.) having 4 nos. 63mm Male Inst. NRV Inlet with flange.


NON RETURN VALVE - Gunmetal with 63mm male inst.


ROSETTE PLATE – Single leaf rosette plate either in chrome plate or White finish


PUMPS: ADP Fire Systems Supplies and installs Specialized Pumps. Pumps like Submersible, Booster, Jockey, and Centrifugal are used to ensure 100% availability of water to fight against the fire. The pumping system which is the heart of the installation consists of specialized pumps (of approved design) which are fully automated to ensure that water is available throughout the system under the recommended pressure at all times. Electrical connection to the pump set is done in such a way that an audible alarm starts ringing the moment the hydrant pump switches on.  The connection to the pumps is also done in such a way that if the first power source is engulfed in the fire, a separate incoming source is available for the main pump to operate from, independent of the first one. 

SECURITY SYSTEMS: Access Control and CC TV System

TOOLS: We have several sets of Welding Machine, Gas Cutter, Cement Mixtures, Hammer Drill, Clamping Tool, Grinder, Multi Meter etc.

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